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We help you get new clients, revenue, grants, legislative victories and results.

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  • Our pre-screened, carefully-selected clients are industry-leaders in delivering value, best-in-class service and validated cost-savings!
  • We help clients fine-tune their pitch, talking points, sales process and sale-to-contract implementations!
  • Lewis Strategic gets you into meetings with decision-makers to pitch and win contracts!
  • Our broadband projects have a proven record of delivering superior, long-term results, coupled with significant cost-reductions!
  • Our association management team helps associations drive engagement, membership & revenue growth, secure grants and legislative victories!
  • We are a leading procurement firm for government, K-12 and higher education contracts, in Pennsylvania and other east coast states!
  • We’ve helped many organizations solve complex situations with government!
  • Our experienced marketing and social media team supports all of our projects, initiatives and clients!
  • We devote a portion of our time, resources and revenues to pro-bono and civil rights issues & causes to improve our community and commonwealth!
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Our Process Produces Results

1. Selection

Our pre-screened clients are industry leaders in delivering value, best-in-class service, and validated cost savings.

2. Fine Tuning

We help clients refine their pitch, sales process, and contract implementation for success.

3. Win

Most importantly, Lewis Strategic helps our clients secure executive level meetings with decision makers to pitch and win contracts.

We leave no stone unturned!