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For Business, our pre-screened, carefully-selected clients are industry-leaders in delivering value, best-in-class service and validated cost-savings! We help clients fine-tune their pitch, sales process and contract implementation. Most importantly, Lewis Strategic helps our clients secure executive-level meetings with decision-makers to pitch and win contracts.

For matters of public policy, we help clients, we help clients develop legislative agendas and secure legislative victories.

  • We facilitate pitch meetings with decision-makers.
  • We help organizations articulate their value-proposition.
  • We help clients fix legal and administrative challenges in state and local governments.
  • We help companies start, launch, grow and maximize their sales and channel partners.
  • We help organizations discover and end overcharges.
  • We help connect Pennsylvanians to family-sustaining jobs.
  • We help clients win legislative victories.
  • We help clients secure grants and provide experienced grant-support and reporting services.
  • We help clients get state, county and local government funding.
  • We help leaders achieve campaign objectives.



We carefully select clients that deliver excellent products and professional services with a best-in-class value-proposition.We facilitate meetings with decision-makers so our clients can help organizations accelerate cost-savings, technology-adoption, innovation and competitive advantages. Lewis Strategic has helped customers secure advanced technology and broadband, incredible cost-savings and competitive advantages. When others have failed, we’ve helped clients achieve legislative passage, budget funding and administrative victories. We’ve helped clients win multiple-contracts against $100 Billion competitors.

Getting Started

After advising hundreds of companies, Lewis Strategic can provide strong and immediate value to aspiring companies, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and economic development groups. For business, we turn your ideas, business plans, and strategies into your Pitch to help you win contracts, capital and cash. For legislative matters, we turn your idea, challenge or campaign into your Pitch with a supporting legislative action plan to enact laws, secure budget dollars or grants.

The Pitch.

Turn Your Business Plan into Contracts and Cash.

  • Develop the pitch and the strategy supporting the sales process.
  • Fine-tune scripts, talking points and collateral materials.
  • Prioritize sales targets.
  • Implement follow-up and follow-through.